Social-Media Policy

Revised June 2022

Cinema St. Louis (CSL) understands the role social media plays in modern-day communication. For this reason, CSL respects its employees’, volunteers’, and supporters’ right to use social media for the purpose of self-expression and self-publishing while adhering to the organization’s guidelines.

Be kind. The Golden Rule applies here. We are looking for comments on content or issues, not individuals. Harassing, threatening, discriminating against, or disparaging any individuals through social media will not be tolerated. Any defamatory, obscene, proprietary, or libelous social-media posts from Cinema St. Louis followers may result in deletion of comments, reporting of posts, or blocking of followers.

Be transparent. We don't appreciate anonymous comments but will allow them if they follow the Golden Rule as we understand there are some valid reasons for maintaining anonymity.

Be truthful. We work hard to check our facts and tell you what we believe to be true. We ask that you do the same.

Don't spam. If you come to our website, blog, or social-networking presence to promote your company, service, or product, chances are we will remove the post unless it is relevant to the conversation and does so in a non-commercial fashion.

If you encounter any intentionally offensive, inappropriate, or inflammatory social-media posts or comments directed at Cinema St. Louis, please screenshot and forward to CSL’s executive director and development director.

Although there is value in addressing genuine negative feelings such as disappointment or anger, Cinema St. Louis will not engage with any offensive, inappropriate, or inflammatory posts or comments. Users will simply be blocked. When addressing well-meaning but dissatisfied social-media users that may appear on CSL channels, official responses will be polite, respectful, and professional and approved by CSL’s executive director.