Directed by Pernille Rose Groenkjaer
Denmark, U.S | 2021 | Documentary
111 minutes | English

“Solutions” offers important insight into the visions and concrete ideas that will pave the way for solving some of the world's most challenging problems. A group of the world’s leading thinkers — including historians, neuroscientists, economists, artificial-intelligence experts, and entrepreneurs — isolate themselves for 10 days at the renowned Santa Fe Institute in the desert of New Mexico. Coming from all corners of science, business, and academia, the participants want to secure the future of humanity by creating a new and optimistic pathway into the future. The topics they address range widely — from climate change, to wealth disparities, to social media, to the decline of democracy. The more these thinkers discuss the world’s daunting problems, the clearer it becomes that the seemingly disparate issues are intrinsically related, and unless we greatly alter our collective behavior, a doomsday future awaits us. Bleak as that prospect sounds, “Solutions” — as its name implies — offers hope: At the conclusion of each of its chapters, the film summarizes the major ideas that grow out of each discussion and provides a potential plan of action.

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