Doc Shorts: A Real-World Gilead

Doc Shorts: A Real-World Gilead

95 minutes

A nonfiction "The Handmaid's Tale," this program relates stories of sexual abuse and violence against women around the globe.

Exiliada (Exiled)

25 minutes
Leonor Zúniga

After accusing Daniel Ortega, leader of the Sandinista revolution and president of Nicaragua, of sexual abuse — beginning when she was 12 — his stepdaughter is forced into exile.

Costa Rica/Nicaragua
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The Girl Who Cannot Speak

21 minutes
Stefano Da Fre & Laura Pellegrini

Five women — all helped by the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House's Women's Mental Health Shelter in New York City — relate their experiences of sexual abuse, and the story of silent 13-year-old Charlotte is depicted through visual images.

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Mother, Daughter, Sister

28 minutes
Jeanne Hallacy

Powerful testimonies from survivors, witnesses, and activists explore the far-reaching impact of sexual violence on Rohingya women and communities — the result of the Burmese security forces' campaign of ethnic cleansing.

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Seeds of Deceit

21 minutes
Miriam Guttmann

Affected mothers and children speak candidly about how they deal with the discovery that now-deceased fertility doctor Jan Karbaat secretly used his own sperm to impregnate patients.

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With "The Girl Who Cannot Speak" co-directors Stefano Da Fre & Laura Pellegrini; "Exiliada" producer Chris Renteria and associate producer Ella West; and Dan Pearson, prevention educator at Safe Connections.

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