Apr 27th to May 1st
Tivoli Theatre

QFest uses the art of contemporary gay cinema to spotlight the lives of LGBTQ people and celebrate queer culture. The 2014 event features an eclectic slate of contemporary LGBTQ-themed feature films, documentaries, and shorts. Tickets are now on sale for all shows. Welcome to the Q!

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Dagmar Schultz
Germany/U.S., 2012, 81 min.
Sun, Apr 27th at 1:00pm

Audre Lorde, a highly influential, award-winning black lesbian poet, lived in West Berlin in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. She helped ignite the Afro-German movement and challenged white women to acknowledge their...


Followed by a discussion with Founder of AngryBlackBitch.com and Progress Missouri Communications Director Pam Merritt, Pride St. Louis Director of Outreach Audrey Pearson, and That Uppity Theatre Company Artistic Director Joan Lipkin.

Ben Cotner & Ryan White
U.S., 2014, 109 min.
Sun, Apr 27th at 3:30pm

This compelling documentary – which premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival – provides a behind-the-scenes look inside the historic case to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage. The high-profile trial...


Followed by a discussion with ACLU of Missouri legal director Tony Rothert, HRC St. Louis Political Chair, Matthew Voorhees, and PROMO Executive Director A.J. Bockelman.

Jennifer M. Kroot
U.S., 2014, 90 min.
Sun, Apr 27th at 6:30pm

Over the past seven decades, actor and activist George Takei has boldly journeyed from a World War II internment camp to the helm of the Starship Enterprise to the daily news feeds of Facebook fans. Best known for...

Stefan Haupt
Switzerland, 2014, 100 min.
Sun, Apr 27th at 8:30pm

Based on actual events, “The Circle” explores the fascinating universe of one of the first gay-liberation communities. Founded in the early 1940s, the group behind the magazine Der Kreis (The Circle) was the only gay...

Shown With:
A Last Farewell (Ett Sista Farväl)
Kate Logan
U.S., 2014, 85 min.
Mon, Apr 28th at 7:00pm

The troubled-teen industry is a billion-dollar, worldwide business enterprise in dozens of countries. “Kidnapped for Christ” tells the shocking stories of American teenagers who were taken from their homes and...

Shown With:
Families Are Forever
Cory Krueckeberg
U.S., 2013, 91 min.
Mon, Apr 28th at 9:15pm

“Getting Go” is an artful look at modern dating and honesty in the digital era. Doc, a shy and somewhat nerdy college student, invents a fake documentary project to get close to Go, a sexy male go-go dancer. A soon-...

Shown With:
U.S., 2013, 105 min.
Tue, Apr 29th at 7:00pm

An ambitious collaboration between a national community of queer filmmakers, “Valencia” is a collective adaptation of the legendary ’90s lesbian memoir by Michelle Tea. Twenty different filmmakers – including Silas...

Dan Hunt
U.S., 2013, 68 min.
Tue, Apr 29th at 9:30pm

Shot over a period of six years, “Mr. Angel” chronicles the extraordinary life of porn pioneer, educator, and transgender activist Buck Angel. Buck was born female yet always knew he was male. He has survived...

Shown With:
Allison Berg & François Keraudren
U.S., 2013, 100 min.
Wed, Apr 30th at 7:00pm

John Wojtowicz took pride in being a pervert. Coming of age in the 1960s, his libido was excessive even by the libertine standards of the era, with multiple wives and lovers, both women and men. In August 1972, he...

Alain Guiraudie
France, 2013, 100 min.
Wed, Apr 30th at 9:15pm

An intensely erotic Hitchcockian thriller, “Stranger by the Lake” tells the story of Franck, who spends his summer days hopelessly searching for companionship at a popular gay cruising spot on the shores of a lake in...

Shown With:
The Best Friend (O melhor amigo)
Anna Margarita Albelo
U.S., 2013, 83 min.
Thu, May 1st at 7:00pm

Once an adventurous jet-setter and queen of the night, Anna realizes that a life that seemed charming and adventurous in her 20s has turned desperate and dire in middle age. Currently living in her friend’s backyard...

Doug Spearman
U.S., 2013, 105 min.
Thu, May 1st at 9:00pm

A clever and hilarious crime caper, “Hot Guys with Guns” recalls “Lethal Weapon” but with younger, sexier gay ex-boyfriends as its leads. Danny is an aspiring actor who desperately wants a job on a popular TV cop...