Directed by Ron Underwood
U.S / 1990 / Narrative
96 minutes / English / FORMAT: DCP

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In the isolated town of Perfection, Nevada, Tremors (1990) unleashes an unforeseen menace lurking beneath the desert soil. Starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, the film follows a handful of residents who discover gigantic, subterranean monsters with a voracious appetite for anything that moves. As the townsfolk grapple with the relentless and unpredictable attacks, the suspense intensifies, blending humor with heart-pounding terror. The creatures, dubbed Graboids, challenge the survival instincts of the eclectic group, turning the quiet desert community into a battleground. With a perfect blend of thrills, humor, and camaraderie, Tremors has earned its status as a beloved cult classic. The film's innovative take on the creature feature genre, coupled with the chemistry of its ensemble cast, creates an unforgettable experience that has stood the test of time, inspiring sequels and a dedicated fan base that continues to celebrate the delightful absurdity of battling monsters in the middle of nowhere.