From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock: A Reporter's Journey

From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock: A Reporter's Journey

89 minutes
Directed by:
Kevin McKiernan

“From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock” tells the intertwined stories of Willard Carlson, a Yurok Indian fisherman who fought at Wounded Knee, S.D., and journalist Kevin McKiernan, the film's non-Indian director, who covered the controversial occupation from the inside. The Yuroks — the largest Native American tribe in California — discovered their “Indian-ness” during the 1973 confrontation at Wounded Knee. Following the 10-week siege by FBI agents, U.S. marshals, and the 182nd Airborne, they returned home to fight for Yurok sovereignty and fishing rights on the Klamath River. The film traces Willard’s bittersweet journey from Wounded Knee to Standing Rock, where he and members of more than 280 tribes come together to oppose an oil pipeline that threatens a native water supply. "From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock" provides both an eyewitness account of the American Indian Movement’s armed occupation of Wounded Knee and an exploration of how the confrontation at that historic village changed Indian Country and led up to the recent events at Standing Rock. The film features previously unseen footage within Wounded Knee that McKiernan buried before his arrest by the FBI at the siege’s conclusion, and much of the contemporary footage is shot by legendary cinematographer/activist Haskell Wexler.


With director McKiernan; subject Willard Carlson; and Richard Ray Whitman, participant in the Wounded Knee uprising.

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