We Have Just Begun

We Have Just Begun

Directed by Michael Warren Wilson
U.S. | 2023 | Documentary
77 minutes

In 1919, Black workers’ decades-long efforts to challenge exploitation in the Arkansas Delta culminated in the nation’s deadliest racial massacre and labor battle. Its legacy is deep, despite being hidden for over 100 years. “We Have Just Begun” takes its name from the secret pass-code used by a Black union of farmers and domestic workers organizing throughout the Arkansas Delta. A seven-year investigation into the historical events in Phillips County, Arkansas, the film explores the legacy of exploitation, domination, and resistance in the Delta and its ongoing cover-up.

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forgotten founders

Forgotten Founders: David Hempstead, Senior

Directed by
Sam Hamilton, Julian Alvarez
27 minutes

This film highlights the life of David Hempstead Sr., tracing him from slavery to freedom. It also documents the story and work of the Plain Sight Project, which works to uncover the legacies of enslaved, indentured, and free people of color on the East End of Long Island and beyond.