Directed by Alex Lora Cercos
Spain | 2023 | Narrative
94 minutes

In this sexy, modern drama Isa is a feminist, polyamorous posh girl who works for a social media marketing firm and passionately defends her life and lifestyle. She is perpetually overwhelmed by life’s many choices and struggles to make any lasting decision. When her boyfriend Guillem proposes to be a monogamous couple, Isa is not sure if she wants to change her life and, given her lack of decision, he decides to break off the relationship. Living in a world of appearances and comforts, her self-contradictions come to light and her universe crumbles in a world dictated by the all-important likes and dislikes that online social networks have become. This is the narrative feature film debut by director Alex Lora, whose previous documentary, short subject, and commercial film work has won over 100 awards internationally.