till love do us part

Till Love Do Us Part

Directed by Ran Li
China | 2023 | Narrative
111 minutes

Thirty-year-old college lecturer Shu falls madly in love with theater director Fan in Prague during a work trip to Europe. However, she has a fiancé at home to marry and the promise of a decent middle-class life in China to pursue. The film charts the journey of a Chinese middle-class woman’s self-realization and her consciousness awakening, beneath the surface of a love story. China's middle class is rising rapidly and a stable career and a successful marriage are essential. The heroine of this film cannot easily escape the societal expectation of a “model” marriage. Her affair in Prague sets her on an existential journey to find love and self-worth, which raises the question: Can she still change her path? It is a dangerous proposition in Chinese culture for a woman to “have it all.” Can she find happiness?