A program that explores the black experience from a multiplicity of perspectives.

A collection of real-life stories told through a variety of animated techniques.

Nonfiction standouts from the 2019 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.

Stories in which women excel in diverse athletic endeavors, from running and boxing to automobile racing and samurai sword-handling.

Paul Barakat

“Kairos” — taken from the ancient Greek word meaning “the supreme moment” — tells the inspirational story of Danny, an aspiring boxer with Down…

A potpourri of brain-warping comedies, animated films, and experimental shorts.

Jeremy Teicher

In the romantic comedy “Olympic Dreams,” Penelope (Alexi Pappas), a young cross-country skier, befriends Ezra (Nick Kroll), a volunteer dentist,…

Buster Keaton

St. Louis’ Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra — a longtime fest favorite — returns to SLIFF with original scores and live accompaniment…

Michael Bertin

“Throw a Billion Dollars from the Helicopter” provocatively examines public financing of sports stadiums and arenas, a topic especially relevant…