stand up

Stand Up

Directed by Juraj Bohus
Slovakia | 2022 | Narrative
75 minutes | English & Slovak

This ultimately sweet, satisfying, and endearing story explores personal choices, treating others with respect, finding out who you really are, and what really matters in this life. Michael, a stand-up comedian, dreams big. Flying high, he quits his boring day job to go on the road performing and hassles a new TV show to help him to become the next big name in Slovakian comedy. He is caught off guard and completely unprepared for what comes next when his high-energy American niece, a recent college dropout, arrives seeking a new start in Europe. Her grounding influence and fresh perspective ultimately clip his wings and pull him back down a little closer to earth. Director Juraj Bohus is an associate professor of media arts in the School of Communications at Webster University. This sly, quirky comedy is his first feature film.