pink lagoon

The Pink Lagoon

Directed by Juan Arce & Francisco Gallo
Mexico | 2022 | Narrative
83 minutes | Spanish

Two distant siblings, two different worlds. A journey of familial reconnection, positivity, and valuing the different ways of seeing the world. Mariana is a fiercely independent, twentysomething young woman with Down's syndrome who loves ballet, art, and living her best life. When invited to participate in a publicly funded dance exhibition in another city, she visits uptight, estranged brother Arturo with her free-spirited ballet teacher in tow to ask for some assistance getting there. Initially put out and resistant to doing anything much to help that would distract him from his own life and high-strung fiancee, he can't help but to be swept up by his sister's profound dignity, sincerity for the world in general, and true passion for dance. The cadence and sweet rhythms of the storytelling and the magnificent performance of lead actress Monica Arce as Mariana will make viewers of this film moved and quite happy to have had the experience.