my love affair with marriage

My Love Affair with Marriage

Directed by Signe Baumane
U.S. | 2022 | Narrative
107 minutes

This gloriously animated feature is about a spirited young woman determined to find love in the bewildering world. From an early age, songs and fairy tales convince Zelma that love would solve all her problems as long as she abides by societal expectations of how a girl should act. But as she grows older, something doesn't seem right with this concept of love: the more she tries to conform, the more her body resists. The film follows Zelma on her 23-year quest for perfect love and lasting marriage set against a backdrop of historic events in Eastern Europe. Told from a woman’s point of view, the film blends historical, biological, societal, and emotional arcs with a lively sense of humor and musical numbers. This animated film for adults is a story of inner-female rebellion, tackling the issues of love, gender norms, domestic violence, fantasies and toxic relationships to propel a woman's journey toward independence and liberation. Director Baumane will be presented with the Women in Film Award.