Master of Light

Master of Light

Directed by Rosa Ruth Boesten
U.S. | 2022 | Documentary
83 minutes

George Anthony Morton is a classical painter who spent 10 years in federal prison for dealing drugs. While incarcerated, he nurtured his craft and unique artistic ability. Since his release, he is doing everything he can to defy society’s unlevel playing field and tackle the white-dominant art world. Now, he is on a journey back to his hometown of Kansas City, where he tries to heal the broken relationship with his mother and paint family members in the style of the Dutch Old Masters. Going back home forces George to face his past in his quest to rewrite the script of his life and discover the contribution of African influences to the realist tradition.

Beyond Prison

CAM is pleased to partner with the annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival to present films that explore the world of contemporary art through a cinematic lens. As a complement to Dominic Chambers' exhibition Birthplace, this film program explores artists' use of color as a vehicle for imagination, experimentation, and possibility. Much like Chambers' paintings at CAM, the vibrant use of color in these films evoke personal memories of place along with surreal, abstracted visionings that only an artist's work can conjure.

Shown with
what these walls

What these Walls Won't Hold

Directed by
Adamu Taye Chan
39 minutes

Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic at San Quentin State Prison, "What These Walls Won't Hold" chronicles the relationships of people who come together despite the separations caused by incarceration.