im ok were ok

I'm Okay, We're Okay

Directed by Adrienne Acevedo Lovette
U.S. | 2023 | Narrative
108 minutes

On a road trip with her unfaithful boyfriend Rand, Ellie discovers she has DID (once called multiple personality disorder, now Dissociative Identity Disorder), and that her fractured identities are offering them clues about her mysterious past. Their relationship has been falling apart for a while and she has been experiencing blackout episodes and flashbacks of broken memories since the start of the pandemic. When Ellie discovers lingerie that doesn't belong to her, she confronts Rand, who admits he has been seeing someone else, but that someone is actually her. He's fallen in love with one of Ellie's identities. Rand explains that Ellie’s other “parts" would like to take a trip. With Rand's help, Ellie's other selves take her on a hunt to discover what happened to her younger self in this harrowing journey of self-discovery, loss, and healing. The film is part of the New Filmmakers Forum Emerging Director award competition.