Free and Discounted Events

32nd Annual SLIFF | Nov. 9-19, 2023

Free and Discounted Events

SLIFF continues its tradition of offering a large selection of free and discounted events to maximize its community outreach and make the festival affordable to all. 


This year, we offer 28 free events
In addition, for the 20th year, we present the Georgia Frontiere Cinema for Students Program, sponsored by Pauline E. Hawkins and the Jane M. and Bruce P. Charitable Foundation, provides free access to film programs to St. Louis-area elementary, middle, and high schools both in person and online. For more information, visit the Cinema for Students section of the CSL website.

Alamo 9
Fri., Nov. 10

1pm, Bloodlines of the Slave Trade

4pm, The Apology

7pm, Gumbo Coalition

Tue., Nov. 14

1pm, Sandtown

Wed., Nov. 15

1pm, We Have Just Begun

Capes Sokol

Thur., Nov. 16

6pm, Masterclass: The State of Film in MO

Contemporary Art Museum

Thur., Nov. 9

7pm, With Peter Bradley

Thur., Nov. 15

7pm, Master of Light

Thur., Nov. 16

6pm, Finding Place in Latinx Representations

Hi-Pointe Backlot Theatre

Sun., Nov. 10

10am, Masterclass: Screenwriting As a Second Act

Thur., Nov. 16

7:45pm, Kenyatta: Do Not Wait Your Turn

St. Louis Public Library

Sat., Nov. 18

11am, Coffy

Sat., Nov. 18

11am, Enter the Dragon

Sat., Nov. 19

1:30pm, Paper Moon

Washington U./Brown

Fri., Nov. 10

7pm, The Space Race

Sat., Nov. 11

1pm, Bike Vessel

4pm, The Body Politic

7pm, Black Barbie

Sun., Nov. 12

1pm, Razing Liberty Square

4pm, Racist Trees

7pm, Ellis

Fri., Nov. 17

7pm, We Dare to Dream

Sat., Nov. 18

1pm, Birthing Justice

4pm, Transmexico

7pm, First We Bombed New Mexico

Sun., Nov. 19

1pm, A Mother, Youngsoon

4pm, King Coal

Webster U./Sverdrup 123

Sat., Nov. 11

3pm, Masterclass: Rick Goldsmith


Each Oscar®-winning short film originates in a film festival, as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences chooses its nominees from a pool of festival champions across the globe. Out of the vast array of 7,000 film festivals worldwide, 63 possess the prestigious accreditation needed to qualify for the Oscars, and only 26 of those are located within the U.S.

SLIFF’s Shorts Competition has been among this select group since 2002. Winners of the juried award for Best Live Action Short, Best Animated Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best of Fest (Narrative Short) can submit to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Oscar® consideration. Continuing the tradition, the 26 shorts film programs are available at a discounted price of $5.

In addition, the Closing Awards Party at the Hi-Pointe Theatre on Sun., Nov. 19, will only be $5 per ticket. See the Special Event section for more information.

Alamo 3 

Fri., Nov. 10

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 1 - Documenting Art

4:15pm, Narrative Shorts 1 - The Body

7:15pm, Narrative Shorts 2 - Transmission

Sat., Nov. 11

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 2 - Documenting the Black Experience

4:15pm, Documentary Shorts 3 - Documenting Broken Systems

7:15pm, Narrative Shorts 3 - A New Kind of Blood

Sun., Nov. 12

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 4 - Documenting Our Land

4:15pm, Narrative Shorts 4 - This Woman's Work

7:15pm, Showcase 1

Mon., Nov. 13

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 5 - Documenting Sports

4:15pm, Narrative Shorts 5 - Hidden Histories

Tue., Nov. 14

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 6 - Documenting Work

4:15pm, Narrative Shorts 6 - Beyond Pedro

Wed., Nov. 15

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 7 - Documenting Sustainability

4:15pm, Documentary Shorts 8 - Documenting St. Louis

7:15pm, Narrative Shorts 7- All My Children

Thur., Nov. 16

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 9 - Documenting Sexuality

4:15pm, Narrative Shorts 8 - Transition

7:15pm, Narrative Shorts 9- Pitch Black

Fri., Nov. 17

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 10 - Documenting Life with Disabilities

7:15pm, Narrative Shorts 10 - Moments in Love

Sat., Nov. 18

1:15pm, Documentary Shorts 11 - Documenting Immigration

4:15pm, Narrative Shorts 11 - Pan-Asian Stories

Alamo 10

Sun., Nov. 19

1:15pm, Showcase 2

Hi-Pointe Theatre

Sun., Nov. 19

6:30pm, Closing Awards Party