The Bigamist

Directed by Ida Lupino
U.S. | 1953 | Narrative
80 minutes | English

“The Bigamist” was the final film produced by Ida Lupino’s independent production company, The Filmakers (founded in 1949 by Lupino, Collier Young, and the screenwriter Malvin Wald). It is both a social-issue and suspense film that upheld the company’s goal to entertain audiences while reflecting American culture back to itself. Defined by its moral ambiguity, the film embodies a number of the noir features that Lupino perfected in her previous films. Businessman Harry Graham (Edmond O'Brien) and his wife, Eve (Joan Fontaine), are in the process of adopting a child. When a private investigator uncovers the fact that Graham has another wife, Phyllis (director Lupino), and a small child elsewhere, he confesses everything. In flashback, Graham tells of the strains in his marriage and how he found himself falling for the kindhearted Phyllis while on a business trip. The film screens on a double bill with the hour-long documentary “Ida Lupino: Gentlemen & Miss Lupino.”