sixth reel

The Sixth Reel

Directed by Carl Andress & Charles Busch
U.S / 2021 / Narrative
94 minutes

Drag legend Charles Busch (Die Mommie Die, Psycho Beach Party) stars in this outrageous adventure as Jimmy, a down-on-his-luck movie collector.  When the death of a close friend unearths the legendary, long-thought lost final reel of a classic Tod Browning horror film, he and his cohorts each concoct underhanded schemes involving false romances, over-the-top drag personas, and maybe some vampires, to cash in on a big sale of the film. But can the urge to bring the moviegoing community together with this lost classic prevail over the desire to get rich quick? The zany cast includes hilarious turns by Margaret Cho and Tim Daly.