This series of shorts explore what it means to love in 2024 and include a story from India about a lesbian couple dealing with an arranged marriage, a visual, poetic exploration of identity and self-discovery, and a comedy about how far we’re willing to go for love, at a funeral.

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Beth Ashby, United States, 2024, 6:06, Narrative, color, English

A fashion designer with social anxiety conjures an imaginary dominatrix to force her to face a career-defining presentation and move forward.


Eddie Yukun Long, United States, 22:30, narrative, color, English

Sadie, a translator who struggles to find the most accurate translation of words, tries to clarify her own emotions and visions as she helps Parker, an indie videographer, to translate her documentary.


Jeanette L. Buck, United States, 15:37, narrative, color, English

In the dystopian near future, a gay and a lesbian couple form an unlikely friendship as they flee the midwest for safety in New England.


Tathagata Ghosh, India, 25:41, narrative color, Bengali w/ English subtitles

An arranged marriage tears a lesbian couple apart, but with a mother’s love, perhaps another future is possible.


Michelle West, United States, 15:05, narrative, color, English

When free-as-a-bird bisexual Eliana questions giving up the "D" at her ex-boyfriend's funeral, her girlfriend Chase must decide how far she’s willing to go for love.