The filmmakers in this collection go past the traditional narratives we’re used to - both with cinema and relationships. In this collection, an Iranian couple navigates gender identity, a translator struggles to find the words, and St. Louis filmmaker Sofia Voss literally asks “What Would Jesus Do?”

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Leo Behrens, United States, 7:06, narrative, color, English

"Skin" is a poetic exploration of identity and self-discovery, using visual symbolism to depict a woman's transformation into a man.


Josef Steiff, United Stares, 2024, 21;13, narrative, color, English

Two young men cross paths on the back roads of the American Southwest and despite their different backgrounds, find common ground along the Border.


Ryan Paige, United Kingdom, 15:00, narrative, color, English

Ted is diagnosed with a hereditary illness. He must therefore reconcile with estranged daughter, Cassandra. However, being a celebrated drag queen, paired with the bitter feelings Cassandra harbours over their past, presents a larger obstacle for Ted to overcome.


Mina Sadati, Iran, 2024, 20:00, narrative, color, Persian w English subtitles

Despite the love they have for each other, a young Iranian couple are going through a separation because of the different sexual desires and gender identity that the husband has been noticing in the past years.


Sofia Voss, United States, 2024, 12:26, Narrative, Color, English

On the morning of a date with her crush Ruth, 16-year-old Gertie wakes up with Jesus’ cross wounds on her hands and feet - panicked, she turns to her best friend Mary to help figure out what's going on.