Save in Taxes This Year

If you would like to support Cinema St. Louis with a tax-smart donation this year, a contribution of appreciated stocks, bonds or other marketable securities that you have held for more than one year may be the best option for you.

Your Benefits

When making a contribution of appreciated securities owned for more than one year, you will receive a double tax benefit:

  • You are entitled to a federal income tax deduction based on the current fair market value of the securities, regardless of their original cost.
  • You will be exempt from paying capital gains taxes on any increase in the value of the securities since you acquired them–taxes you would pay if you had otherwise sold them.

Steps to Take to Make a Contribution of Securities

  • If you have the physical securities, either hand-deliver them to us or mail us the stocks and stock power separately.
  • If you don't have possession of the physical securities, instruct your broker to electronically transfer your intended shares and notify us once the transfer is complete.