If you would like to have a real impact in sustaining independent films with a substantial contribution with little cost to you, a contribution of life insurance may be right for you. Your contribution options include:

Name Cinema St. Louis as Beneficiary

If you would like to obtain the flexibility to change your mind at any time by retaining ownership of a policy, you can:

  • Name us as the primary beneficiary for a percentage of the policy.
  • Name us as the contingent beneficiary to receive benefits only if your primary beneficiary predeceases you.

Name Cinema St. Louis as Owner

You may be entitled to an income tax charitable deduction (when you itemize) for the value of a policy, future annual premiums or both when you:

  • Transfer ownership of an existing policy.
  • Purchase a new policy and name us as the owner.

Your Next Step

Contact us to discuss your options for making a bigger impact than you thought possible through a contribution of life insurance.