Narrative Shorts: Horror 2

86 minutes
Directed by:

The Boogie Man

Micah Deeken, 7 min.

A young, determined dancer finds herself mixed up in a showdown with a mysterious presence behind a closet door.

The Murder of Evelyn Cross

Jordan Hageman, 10 min.

Detectives investigate the murder of pop star Evelyn Cross.

Scare Bear

Cory Byers, 10 min.

A woman looking for love takes a chance on the new guy in town and his giant stuffed bear.


Ben Manhanke, 22 min.

As a young man attempts to move on from the recent death of his father, he is stalked by a creature who feeds off of memories.


Maxwell Tippetts, 16 min.

A tense thriller that demonstrates anyone can be a victim.


Chris Grega, 8 min.

Two men find something unexpected in an old house.


Scott T. McCall, 13 min.

Lori, who is watching her boss’ house for the weekend, makes the mistake of welcoming a visitor inside when he asks to take photos of his boyhood home.