Docs Shorts 2

98 minutes
Directed by:

Bang the Drum: The Life and Death of a Small-Town Music Scene Douglas Wicker, 19 min. Using Farmington, Mo., as an illustrative example, the film explores how social media has affected local music scenes.

Interview with a Soldier Edward Johnston, 9 min. A film about a soldier’s call to action, the hardships he has faced, and the lessons he’s learned.

A Look Ahead: Our Energy Future in 20 Years Joshua Kelley, 22 min. The 14-year-old director talks to industry professionals about the potential environmental state of the country and St. Louis in 20 years.

Theatre of Pain Zia Nizami, 33 min. His back hurts, he’s a new grandpa, but Jim Hoffarth still wants to be king of the ring.

Why Do We Still Play Football? Sean Kim & Michael Melinger, 15 min. Examining the sport through medical, safety, and cultural lenses, Clayton High School journalists tackle the question of why football is still played.