Stripped for Parts

Stripped for Parts: American Journalism on the Brink

Directed by Rick Goldsmith
U.S. | 2023 | Documentary
99 minutes

“Stripped for Parts: American Journalism on the Brink” is the story of one secretive hedge fund that is plundering America’s newspapers and the journalists who are fighting back. Investigative reporter Julie Reynolds, Denver Post editorialist Chuck Plunkett, and a handful of others, backed by the NewsGuild union, go toe-to-toe with the faceless Alden Global Capital in a battle to save and rebuild local journalism across America. Who will control the future of America’s news ecosystem: Wall Street billionaires concerned only with profit, or those who see journalism as an essential public service and the lifeblood of our democracy?

SLIFF presents director Rick Goldsmith with the Maysles Bros. Lifetime Achievement Award in Documentary Filmmaking.

Post-film Q&A conducted by Sarah Fenske, executive director of the River City Journalism Fund and executive editor of the Riverfront Times and its growing portfolio of sister papers.

A co-presentation with the Webster University Film Series.