Princess of the Row

Princess of the Row

85 minutes
Directed by:
Van Maximilian Carlson

“Princess of the Row” tells a heart-wrenching tale about the powerful bond between a father and daughter. Alicia Willis (Tayler Buck) — a 12-year-old who’s bounced around the foster-care system for most of her life — longs to live with her father, Sgt. Beaumont “Bo” Willis (Edi Gathegi), a homeless veteran on the streets of LA’s Skid Row. Bo, who suffered a battle-induced brain injury during the Iraq War, is unable to recognize his own daughter most of the time, but she remembers the father he used to be: a caring man with a love of storytelling. Alicia, who has inherited her father’s creativity, wants to be a writer and crafts fantasy tales about a princess on a quest. A family-services social worker (Ana Ortiz) recognizes Alicia’s gift and places her with an award-winning author (Martin Sheen) and his wife (Jenny Gago), who live in a beautiful farm on the coast. Unfortunately, their home is 10 hours away from LA. Fearful of never seeing her father again, Alicia decides to escape the city with her father. Now on the run, she must cope with her father’s severe PTSD breakdowns, outwit the pursuing social-service workers and authorities, and overcome the worst kind of thugs that the streets of LA offers.


With director Carlson.

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Barry & Jackie Albrecht and Pat Scallet