Vita & Virginia

110 minutes
Directed by:
Chanya Button

When aristocratic socialite and writer Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton) first espies Virginia Woolf (Elizabeth Debicki) in Bloomsbury, London, she immediately vows to pursue the famous novelist — thus starting one of the most notorious and convention-shattering love affairs in literary history. This sensuous and highly literate love story — which would eventually result in Woolf’s landmark novel “Orlando,” whose androgynous, gender-bending title character was based on Vita — draws heavily on the letters the two married women exchanged. With its lavish costumes and seductive settings, “Vita & Virginia” transports viewers into a past that seems a century ahead of its time. Lauding Debicki’s “astonishing performance,” Variety writes: “With her as the lodestar, this is a stranger and more intriguing film than it really has a right to be, one that becomes less about a clandestine courtship between famous women, and more about Woolf’s relationship with her writing, and with the workings of her own beautiful, restless mind.” Isabella Rossellini co-stars as Vida’s stern mother-in-law, Lady Sackville. 

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