Directed by Bruce Carlton Cunningham
167 minutes

A gritty, sprawling tale of revenge, “Un-resolved” plays like a Shakespearean drama. An ex-convict, just released from prison, attempts to make up for the lost time with his youngest daughter, who is dying, and to reconnect with his oldest daughter, who has befriended a deadly enemy from his past. But as he attempts to do right by his children and start a new, quieter life, the pull of the streets and fate have other plans, with multiple storylines intersecting to create a powder keg with a dangerously short fuse. The longest work ever featured in the Showcase, the film earns every second of its screen time and will have audiences riveted. Multi-talented director Cunningham also serves as writer, producer, editor, and co-star.

With director Cunningham and members of the cast and crew.