Robert Garrick

In high school, Robert Garrick was part of a small group of students who successfully extracted the long-unavailable Marx Brothers film "Animal Crackers" (1931) from legal tangles, leading to its re-premiere and to a decade-long revival of interest in the Marx Brothers. In college, he founded the university's film society, wrote criticism for the student newspaper, and helped to bring film director Frank Capra and film critic Andrew Sarris to campus. In graduate school for Cinema Studies at NYU, he studied with Stanley Kauffmann, Jay Leyda, William K. Everson, Noel Carroll, and (at Columbia University) Sarris. Later, he was a regular contributor to Dave Kehr's auteur-oriented blog, and for many years he's introduced films at Cinema St. Louis's Classic French Film Festival. He has a law degree from the University of Chicago and is a practicing lawyer.