Narrative Shorts: Drama 1

Narrative Shorts: Drama 1
Narrative Shorts: Drama 1
84 minutes
Directed by:

The Burdens They Carry

Alyssa Andrews, 12 min.

A Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD struggles to overcome the burden of his hidden past.

The Choice

Jean Kinsella, 11 min.

Separated by time, four characters face pivotal choices that will change not only their lives but also the society in which they live.


Daniel Flood, 12 min.

As a dark figure draws near, Dorothy is enveloped by regret and memories.

Honey Would You Please?

Joseph & Stephen Tronicek, 17 min.

A troubled couple find an interesting way to reconcile after a particularly bad day.


Randy Shinn, 6 min.

A woman reflects on a night of betrayal.

A Really Nice Guy

Paul Hibbard & Christina Przada, 26 min.

A feminist perspective on male harassment told through the lens of the horror genre.