Narrative Shorts: Comedy

96 minutes
Directed by:

Burn It Down Valerie Royer, 11 min. A young pyromaniac must decide whether to burn down his “dream house” or spare the old couple who lives inside.

Catlove Gary Lobstein, 1 min. This funny faux drug commercial was the winner of the 2019 edition of Cat Clips: A Competition in Cuteness!, a co-presentation of Animal House and Cinema St. Louis.

Final Shindig Jackson Chintha, 13 min. Two college kids embark on a journey to make things right using the wrong methods.

The Foghorn Trilogy Mike Steinberg, 14 min. Loosely based on the filmmaker’s parents, this whimsical film tells the story of a romantic couple at three crucial stages in their lives.

Going My Way Stephen Province, 24 min. When Jody’s car breaks down, Jack seemingly comes to her rescue.

Hey! Aren’t You Garrett Crest? Peter Bolte, 5 min. When a man steps into a bar for some peace and quiet, he is accosted by some patrons who think they recognize him as a 1980s sitcom star.

Jerad Davis Throws a Dinner Party Valerie Royer, 13 min. An alien on Earth studying the habits of humans is forced to throw an unexpected dinner party.

The Literalist Lori Ann Potts, 4 min. A professor visits a coffee shop to grade papers but keeps getting distracted by other customers and her own imagination.

Save the Date Jeffrey Samet, 6 min. As Mark and Jill have their save-the-date photos taken, they begin to wonder if their wedding date can actually be saved.