Show Me What You Got

Show Me What You Got

100 minutes
English, French & Italian
Directed by:
Svetlana Cvetko

“Show Me What You Got” tells an unconventional love story — one firmly rooted in the times in which we live — that takes three adventurous characters from Los Angeles to Italy on a journey of self-discovery. An undeniable spark during a chance meeting leads Christine, Nassim, and Marcello to explore their sexuality. Learning that strangers can have a profound effect on the trajectory of their lives, the trio must struggle to prove their worth to their families, themselves, and the world. “Show Me What You Got” is the narrative-feature directing debut of acclaimed cinematographer Svetlana Cvetko, whose DP work includes such documentaries as the Academy Award-winning “Inside Job,” the Oscar-nominated “Facing Fear,” the Cannes selection “Red Army,” and the Sundance U.S. Documentary Special Jury Prize winner “Inequality for All.”


With director Cvetko and producer David Smith.

Sponsored By

Barry & Jackie Albrecht and Pat Scallet