Directed by Justin Krook
Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, U.S. | 2019 | Documentary
87 minutes | English

“Machine” examines artificial intelligence (AI) — the most radical new technology of our time — from multiple perspectives. What is AI, how is it created, and what will it mean for the way we work, play, live and learn? What will happen when we’re no longer the smartest ones on the planet? And who, if anyone, is controlling the rise of this new technology? “Machine” talks to world-renowned experts, the people who are creating, researching, and controlling this new technology. Among the interviewees is Dr. Eric Leuthardt, director of Washington University’s Center for Innovation in Neuroscience and Technology, which gathers neurosurgeons, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists to collaborate and develop new technologies to improve the lives of patients with neurological diseases. “Machine’s” story chapters address many of the key issues at stake — AI companions, driverless cars, autonomous warfare, use of AI to create human super-intelligence, and the very real possibility of a Robot Apocalypse. By turns optimistic and frightening, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring, “Machine” looks not only at the practical applications of AI but also the ethical questions raised by these new developments. Directed by Justin Krook, “Machine” is produced by the team behind “Chef’s Table.”

Shown with
Signs of Life

Signs of Life

Directed by
Don Dixon & Bob Niemack
35 minutes
An examination of the chemistry and physics that created life on Earth and a search through the solar system for signs of life elsewhere.
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