Little Fish

Little Fish

Directed by Chad Hartigan
U.S. | 2020 | Narrative
101 minutes | English
Available Nov. 5-22
Available Only in MO/IL

Imagine waking up in a world where a pandemic has broken out. Imagine that it strikes with no rhyme or reason and causes victims to lose their memories. Imagine not remembering the person you love. This is the world that newlyweds Emma (Olivia Cooke) and Jude (Jack O’Connell) find themselves in not long after meeting and falling in love. When Jude contracts the disease, the young couple will do anything to hold onto the memory of their love. Cooke (“Ready Player One,” “Thoroughbreds”) and O’Connell (“’71,” “Seberg”) give deeply felt, nuanced performances that ground the film’s high concept in resolutely human terms. Anchored by beautiful cinematography and Chad Hartigan’s assured direction, “Little Fish” is a gorgeously melancholic and romantic meditation on memory. IndieWire writes: “A change of pace for the director of ‘Morris from America,’ Hartigan’s weighty romance takes place in a world afflicted by memory loss, with all the devastating results implied by that premise. Beautifully acted and grounded in relatable emotions despite the lofty premise, ‘Little Fish’ plays as both an effective metaphor for Alzheimer’s, and the disintegration of a relationship without closure or reason.”

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