Killing Eleanor

Killing Eleanor

Directed by Rich Newey
U.S. | 2019 | Narrative
106 minutes | English

Recently out of another stint in rehab, Natalie (Annika Marks) is hiding her persistent painkiller habit while living back at home and working for her mom (Jane Kaczmarek, “Malcolm in the Middle”) on the condition she’s clean. When Eleanor (Jenny O’Hara), a terminally ill old woman, sneaks out of her nursing home and surprises Natalie with a longforgotten IOU, her repayment request is shocking — she wants Natalie to help her die. Natalie dismisses Eleanor, but after a family intervention — led by her Type A sister, Anya (Betsy Brandt, “Breaking Bad”) — she needs to get her hands on clean urine. So the two strike a deal: Eleanor will pee in a cup, and Natalie will help kill her. Their right-to-die odyssey is filled with complications as Eleanor’s past and Natalie’s lies catch up with them. But, ultimately, helping Eleanor die with dignity might just teach Natalie to live with dignity.

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The Roommates

Directed by
Cameron Penn
15 minutes

In a scheme to land a free cruise to the Bahamas, two senior citizens living in a retirement home plot to kill their obnoxious roommate.

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