Master Class Supplement

The Films of Rachel Reichman

209 min
Available Worldwide

A supplement to Master Class: Behind the Camera with Rachel Reichman, this program provides free access to the filmmaker’s narrative shorts and features in the first two decades of her career.

A Child’s Introduction to the Wonders of Space (U.S., 1979, 12 min.)

Alone in a big city, a young woman finds it easy to slip into a world of her own.

In the Twilight (U.S., 1980, 12 min.)

Early one evening, a boy ponders the past and recognizes that there are tough times ahead. 

The Riverbed (U.S., 1986, 95 min.)

Evoking a mythic American South, “The Riverbed” follows a drifter who insinuates himself into the lives of a mother and daughter. He finds there is little to win and much to lose. 

Work (U.S., 1996, 90 min.)

Jenny (Cynthia Kaplan), white and working class, lives in a failing mill town. She is frustrated by her job hunt and traditional marriage, and finds joy in a passionate affair with her young African-American neighbor, June (Sonja Sohn, “The Wire”). But June is on her way out of town, to college and a new life.

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