94 minutes
Directed by:
Lara Jean Gallagher

In a desperate plea for attention, unhinged and heartbroken Karen — who’s unable to let go of her failing relationship with an older and more successful woman — steals away to her estranged lover’s lakehouse in a remote and beautiful Pacific Northwest forest. While there, she becomes entangled with Lana, a provocative young girl hell-bent on moving to California and cultivating an identity that lives up to her expectations of the world outside of her small town. As Karen grapples with her difficulties in the past and expectations for the future, her relationship with Lana oscillates wildly. Is Karen serving as a surrogate mother to Lana? Is she the watcher or the watched? Are they friends, sisters, or lovers? Equal parts psychological drama and sexual coming-of-age story, “Clementine” is a tense rumination on who to love and how to let go.


With director Gallagher.

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Barry & Jackie Albrecht and Pat Scallet