Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion: St. Louis Poets Take the Mic

Directed by Dana Christian
87 minutes

Filmed in 2020 and 2021, during the height of the pandemic, this documentary features riveting spoken-word performances from 36 of the most dynamic poets of the St. Louis region. The film includes tributes to late St. Louis poet laureates Shirley Bradley Price LeFlore and Dr. Michael Castro and performances by current St. Louis poet laureate Jane Ibur, East St. Louis poet laureate Dr. Eugene Redmond, and past youth poet laureates Grace Ruo and Sarah Abbas. Jabari Asim, Paul Stroble, Pacia Elaine, Jason Vasser-Elong, Marsha Cann, and Olajuwon Davis are among the other poets featured, and the film includes appearances by visual artist DL Warfield, dancer Alicia “Sunshine” Gbaho, and such local musicians as Stanley Coleman and Darrell Mixon. The film’s collection of intergenerational voices crosses color lines, cultures, religious backgrounds, and gender and sexual orientations, with the poets delivering provocative messages about the pandemic, social justice, police brutality, race, and mental health.

With director Christian, producer/narrator Lyah LeFlore-Ituen, and various subjects.