The Depths 

Directed by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Japan, South Korea / 2010 / Narrative
121 minutes / Japanese & Korean

Because of a technical issue, "The Depths" was unable to be screened on May 2. A new screening is scheduled for 7:30 PM on May 9.

Before he was a critical darling for “Happy Hour,” “Asako I & II,” and “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy” and Oscar-nominated four times over for his breakout hit “Drive My Car,” Ryūsuke Hamaguchi made “The Depths,” a sexy queer thriller of intimate proportions. Bae-hwan is a famous Korean fashion photographer visiting Japan to take pictures of his friend Gil-su’s wedding. When the bride dashes off, Bae-hwan ends up filling in for her at Gil-su’s photo studio, where he shoots Ryu, a male sex worker. The photographer is attracted to his subject’s devil-may-care attitude and striking beauty, eventually finding himself in way over his head as he enters the criminal underworld that surrounds Ryu. QFest St. Louis is proud to present the St. Louis theatrical premiere of this rarely seen early work by the ascendant Japanese master.