Tin Box

Best Narrative Short

Tin Box

Directed by Andy Compton

33 and Counting

Best Documentary Short

33 and Counting

Directed by Aisha Sultan


Best Experimental Short


Directed by Jon Alston

Easy Bake

Best Narrative Feature


Directed by Zoë Kennison

americas Last Little Italy

Best Documentary Feature

America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill

Directed by Joseph Puleo



  1. Best Use of Music: “My Ireland,” original soundtrack by Troy Brenningmeyer
  2. Best Sound: “Wake Up,” Stephanie Roberts, Micahel Finley, Joe Cavers, and Cesar Marenco
  3. Best Editing: “The Ballad of John Henry,” Matthew Rice
  4. Best Cinematography: “The Honest Work of Farming,” Rickie Ross
  5. Best Direction: Nate Townsend, “Wake Up”
  6. Best Documentary Less Than 20 Minutes: “The Honest Work of Farming,” directed by Rickie Ross
  7. Best Documentary Feature More Than 20 Minutes: “33 and Counting,” directed by Aisha Sultan


  1. Best Use of Music: “Untitled,” Eby Strauss-Barrett
  2. Best Sound: “Descend,” Zlatko Cosic
  3. Best Editing: “Augustus,” John Alan Thompson
  4. Best Cinematography: “Augustus,” Matthew Edwards
  5. Best Direction: Jon Alston, “Augustus”
  6. Best Experimental Film: “Augustus,” directed by Jon Alston


  1. Best Costumes: “Momma’s Boy,” Lily Kerns and Cambria Bilinksy
  2. Best Makeup/Hairstyling: “One Brick Shy,” CeCe O’Neill, Abby Dorning, and Jenna McDonald
  3. Best Use of Music: “Tin Box,” original score by Brian Freeland
  4. Best Sound: “Peeping Tom,” Tom Pini, Bryn Mclaughlin, and Ben Manhanke
  5. Best Production Design/Art Direction: “Are You Alright?,” Lauren Lane
  6. Best Special/Visual Effects: “ill,” Daniel Neville
  7. Best Editing: “Easy-Bake,” Zoë Kennison and Adam Hartley
  8. Best Cinematography: “Are You Alright?,” Jesse Bader
  9. Best Screenplay: “Easy-Bake,” Zoë Kennison
  10. Best Actor: Jaan Marion, “Are You Alright?”
  11. Best Actress: Zoë Kennison, “Easy-Bake”
  12. Best Direction: Zoë Kennison, “Easy-Bake”
  13. Best Animated Film: “The Lineman,” directed by Jay Shipman
  14. Best Comedy: “One Brick Shy” (the series), directed by CeCe O’Neill and Jessica Pierce
  15. Best Drama: “Easy-Bake,” directed by Zoë Kennison
  16. Best Narrative Less Than 20 Minutes: “Are You Alright?,” directed by Alessio Summerfield
  17. Best Narrative More Than 20 Minutes: “Easy-Bake,” directed by Zoë Kennison

Best Showcase Film


Essy Award for Best Showcase Film ($500 prize underwritten by the Chellappa-Vedavalli Foundation)


Directed by Jon Alston


The 2020 Royal Court

  • Princesses: CeCe O’Neill and Abby Dorning
  • Prince: Caleb Blue
  • Queen: Zoë Kennison
  • King: Joey Puleo


  1. “33 and Counting,” directed by Aisha Sultan
  2. “America's Last Little Italy: The Hill,” directed by Joseph Puleo
  3. “Are You Alright?,” directed by Alessio Summerfield
  4. “Augustus,” directed by Jon Alston
  5. “The Ballad of John Henry,” directed by Matthew Rice
  6. “Descend,” directed by Zlatko Cosic
  7. “Driving Louise,” directed by Isaac Knopf
  8. “Easy-Bake,” directed by Zoë Kennison
  9. “Encounters,” directed by Ariana Nasi 9 min.
  10. “Growing for Good,” directed by Vân Nguyen & Morgan Paar
  11. “The Honest Work of Farming, directed by Rickie Ross
  12. “The King and the Pawn,” directed by Caleb Blue
  13. “The Lineman,” directed by Jay Shipman
  14. “Momma's Boy,” directed by Lily Kerns
  15. “Not Suitable,” directed by Cooper Shaw
  16. “One Brick Shy (Episode 1: Randy),” directed by CeCe O'Neill
  17. “One Cold Morning,” directed by Josh Herum
  18. “Tin Box,” directed by Andy Compton
  19. “Valley Relics,” directed by Ashley Seering
  20. “Wake Up,” directed by Nate Townsend
  21. “Within the Silence,” directed by Zack Beining