Spanish Lake (Work-in-Progress)

2012, 77 min.

Director Morton, who grew up in Spanish Lake in the 1980s, returns to his hometown to examine its storied past, troubled present, and uncertain future. In 2008, the township in North St. Louis County was cited as No. 6 on Forbes’ list of “America’s Fastest-Dying Towns.” Why? Two words: white flight. A devastating epidemic in the St. Louis in the 1960s and ‘70s, white flight continues today, as Spanish Lake’s example demonstrates: In recent years, to escape integration, suburban whites are either returning to the cities they once fled or moving to more distant exurban enclaves. This cycle raises questions for not just St. Louis but also the nation at large: How far have we come in terms of racial equality? Is racism an inherent and irreparable human flaw? ”Spanish Lakeasks these provocative questions of both experts and former and current Spanish Lake residents, providing some surprising answers.

Show Times
Saturday, November 10 at 6:00pm
Phillip Andrew Morton

With director Morton and producer Matthew Jordan Smith.