120 min. (approx.)
Saturday, November 15 at 10:00am

Documentarian Mary Dore conducts a master class that explores women in the film industry. The class covers early pioneers such as Mary Pickford, Mae West, and Dorothy Arzner; the impact of the 1960s feminist movement on women filmmakers such as Liane Brandon and Claudia Weill; the formation of women's film collectives such as New Day Films; and... more

With documentarian Mary Dore   Co-presented by Webster University Film Series

The New Filmmakers Forum (NFF), a juried competition of works by first-time feature filmmakers, is an annual highlight of SLIFF. The featured films this year are “Amira & Sam,” “Druid Peak,” “I Believe in Unicorns,” “Listening,” and “Wildlike.” The filmmakers accompany the screenings at the Tivoli from Nov. 21-22, and a free NFF Coffee is... more

Nov. 21-23   Regular ticket price of $12/$10 per show
120 min. (approx.)
Sunday, November 23 at 11:00am

As part of the New Filmmakers Forum (NFF), SLIFF holds a conversation with the five participating directors: Frank Hall Green of “Wildlike,” Leah Meyerhoff of “I Believe in Unicorns,” Sean Mullin of “Amira & Sam,” Khalil Sullins of “Listening,” and Marni Zelnick of “Druid Peak.” The event is hosted by Andrea Sporcic, the Film Office... more

With New Filmmakers Forum directors
Friday, November 14 at 12:00pm

As a thank-you to our senior attendees, SLIFF offers a free noon screening of “The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer’s Together” at Plaza Frontenac. A related short accompanies the film, and both directors participate in a post-screening Q&A. SLIFF also features two other... more

Nov. 13-23, multiple venues

Films made in St. Louis and Missouri or by current and former St. Louisans are an annual highlight of SLIFF. This year’s lineup of Show-Me Cinema is especially strong, featuring two dozen programs and including the premieres of three St. Louis-shot features: “The Makings of You,” “Four Color Eulogy,” and “Marshall the Miracle Dog.”

... more

Regular ticket price of $12/$10 per show, with select free programs and special-event ticket prices of $15
180 min. (approx.)
Saturday, November 22 at 10:00pm

SLIFF is famed among guest filmmakers for its St. Louis-style hospitality. This year, members of the general public will be allowed behind the velvet ropes for one of our most titillating filmmaker parties -- a burlesque show that we’re modestly dubbing “Spectacular, Spectacular.” Celebrated local entertainer Show Me Charlotte -- hostess of “... more

With live burlesque show. Special-event ticket price of $20 for show and drinks
Saturday, November 22 at 6:00pm

In partnership with Tenacious Eats, SLIFF celebrates the 50th anniversary of the classic “A Hard Day’s Night.” In Richard Lester’s highly innovative comedy, the young Beatles -- already the world's most famous rock ’n’ roll band -- travel from their hometown of Liverpool to London to perform in a television... more

With multi-course meal by Tenacious Eats   Special-event ticket price of $65 for film and meal   Co-presented by Tenacious Eats
Sunday, November 16 at 2:30pm

Trailblazing Alice Guy-Blaché was the first woman to direct a motion picture. Born in Paris in 1873, Guy-Blaché was hired as a secretary by Léon Gaumont in 1894, but when he established the Gaumont Film Company two years later, she became the studio’s head of production. Over a 25-year career, Guy-Blaché was responsible for more than 700 works... more

Co-presented by University of Missouri-St. Louis   With an original score for "The Birth, the Life and the Death of Christ" by Dr. Barbara Harbach and live musical accompaniment by members of the St. Louis Chamber Orchestra.
210 min. (approx.)
Friday, November 14 at 7:00pm
Friday, November 14 at 9:00pm

SLIFF pays tribute to the career of one of St. Louis’ unjustly forgotten heroes, actor and director King Baggot, who is considered the first movie star. Born in St. Louis in 1879, Baggot was tall and handsome, a blue-eyed Irish boy with a distinctive white streak through his dark hair. An almost immediate sensation, Baggot was the first actor... more

With an introduction and illustrated lecture by Tom Stockman, editor of the website We Are Movie Geeks, and live musical accompaniment by the Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra (“Ivanhoe”) and pianist Matt Pace (“Tumbleweeds”)   Special-event ticket price of $15 for double bill
Saturday, November 22 at 6:00pm

The fabulous Nicholas Brothers, Fayard (1914-2006) and Harold (1921-2000), are among the greatest dancers of the 20th century. Despite racial hurdles, the self-taught African-American entertainers became one of the biggest musical acts of their time, headlining on Broadway, radio, and television and in vaudeville and nightclubs. But it was... more

With presenter Bruce Goldstein   Co-presented by Dance St. Louis