Sacrifice (Zhao shi gu er)

2010, 122 min., Mandarin

In this new period drama from Kaige Chen, the director of “Farewell My Concubine,” two families engage in a blood feud, and a boy with ties to both is ultimately caught between. For generations, the Zhao family has wielded power, even extending over the king. In a well-planned coup, mortal enemy Tu’an Gu slaughters the entire clan, determined to wipe out their influence forever. However, a solitary Zhao baby survives the massacre and is taken home by the doctor who delivered him to live with his wife and their own newborn baby. Set on revenge, and raising the Zhao child as his own, the doctor bides his time, enrolling himself and the boy into the service of the Tu’an Gu household. Tu’an Gu grows very fond of the boy, even making him his godson, unaware that the doctor has been plotting to use the child as an instrument of vengeance when he comes of age.

Show Times
Friday, November 18 at 9:30pm
Saturday, November 19 at 8:15pm
Kaige Chen
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Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Washington University