The Pill

2011, 82 min.

After meeting at a local bar, Fred (Noah Bean, “Morning Glory”) and Mindy (Rachel Boston, “500 Days of Summer") end up having passionate and unprotected sex. The following morning, Fred learns that Mindy is not on birth control, but she isn’t worried because she “knows her body.” Realizing that she is far too free-spirited for his comfort level, Fred decides to spend the day with Mindy under the guise of pursuing a serious relationship. His real motive: to make sure she swallows both doses of the morning-after pill, which must be taken 12 hours apart. The result is an all-day adventure that abounds in awkward social situations involving Mindy’s bitter ex-boyfriend, her off-kilter French parents, and Fred’s overbearing current girlfriend (a grownup Anna Chlumsky from “My Girl” and “Uncle Buck”).

Show Times
Saturday, November 12 at 5:00pm
J.C. Khoury