I Learn America

Left Col

92 min., English, Spanish, Polish, Burmese, Punjabi & Urdu

In America, nearly one in four children is an immigrant or was born to immigrant parents. Classrooms confront a rapidly growing influx of students who speak little English and are unfamiliar with American culture. At the International High School at Lafayette, a New York City public school serving recent immigrant teenagers, more than 300 students from 50 countries come together in a unique educational experience. Filmed over a year, “I Learn America” is the story of five of those students: Sing (Myanmar), a refugee who left his family behind; Brandon (Guatemala), who crossed the border to America to reunite with his mother after 10 years apart; Sandra (Poland), a tomboy and class leader who’s in love with Jennifer (Dominican Republic), a sassy classmate; and Itrat (Pakistan), who came to America to join a father she barely knew after the passing of her mother.

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Keep Moving
Jackie Zhou & Ravi Lloyd, U.S., 2012, 9 min.

After emigrating from Iraq, the Khalfa family adjusts to their lives as refugees in Orange County.

Right Col

Show Times
Thu, Nov 21st at 7:30pm

With co-director Dissard and a pre-film discussion (at 6pm) in which Webster U. students and faculty members reflect on the question of "What is America?"

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Webster University’s Multicultural Studies Committee