2012, 98 min.

At the end of an afternoon excursion, Sarah Fiddler and her young son step into a taxi to head home. They never get there. The cab belongs to Bob (Vincent D’Onofrio, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”), a taxi-driving serial killer. Re-christening the boy “Rabbit,” Bob forcibly adopts him and compels his “son” to clean up after his crimes. In his own distorted way, Bob wants to be a good father – to raise a son who is well-prepared to succeed in the world. Bob, however, has an unusual definition of “success”: He fully expects Rabbit, now in his teens, to become a mass murderer. Director Jennifer Lynch (“Surveillance”) also participates in two free events on Nov. 10: a program about her upcoming “A Fall from Grace,” which she hopes to shoot in St. Louis, and a Q&A surveying her career (see Special Events).

Show Times
Friday, November 9 at 7:00pm
Jennifer Lynch

With director Lynch.

Sponsored by: 

David Houlle, Sight and Sound Production Services